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Travel restrictions, career problems and DUI cases

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | DUI Charges

When drunk driving charges come up, many people worry about losing the ability to drive and the prospect of spending time behind bars. Aside from court-imposed consequences, there are many other challenges that people face following a DUI case. For example, a lot of people run into problems with respect to their personal lives, careers and even travel plans.

By planning ahead and having a clear understanding of the ways in which a DUI will affect your life, you will likely find yourself in a better position when it comes to handling hardships that arise down the road.

Visiting certain countries after a DUI case

Some people are disheartened to discover that they cannot visit a particular country as a result of a drunk driving case. In fact, some people are turned around at the border because a country does not permit those with DUIs to enter. However, there are options in some instances and people are able to work around these restrictions by having their DUI expunged. If you have a DUI on your record, make sure you take this into account prior to making travel plans.

Career hurdles due to your record

Aside from visiting certain countries, many people are held back by DUI charges in terms of their careers. For example, finding work in a certain field becomes impossible for some of those who have drunk driving charges on their record, especially if the position requires a clean record or involves a lot of driving. Sometimes, people lose their job because of a drunk driving case, which is often especially difficult due to the current job market. All of these hardships highlight the importance of handling a DUI case appropriately.