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Criminal Law Is What We Do, And We Do It Well

Criminal law is all we do, and it’s what we are good at doing. The Vista-based law firm of Herbert Weston & Tanya Weston, Criminal Lawyers, has worked on thousands of criminal cases in Southern California during the last four decades. We are thorough and will analyze data, documents and evidence on your behalf. We will leave no stone unturned when advocating for you.

Our father-and-daughter team consists of Herbert J. Weston and Tanya Weston, who between them have more than 50 years’ legal experience. We have the investigatory and negotiation skills and courtroom experience, and we can prove it. We will scour evidence and grill witnesses to gain dismissals. We will work with prosecuting district attorneys on plea bargain agreements for reduced sentences. Finally, we have great experience in the courtroom, arguing before judges and juries to gain an acquittal on serious criminal charges in state and federal courts.

Our Team Has Worked On Many Types Of Criminal Cases

Along the way, we will strive to build a steady and trusting relationship with you, and we will fight for your constitutional rights. We have worked on numerous criminal cases, including:

  • Homicide: We have experience with first-degree and second-degree murder cases as well as manslaughter cases and related crimes.
  • Sex crimes: Cases such as attempted rape, sexual assault, prostitution and child molestation can be challenging. We have met these challenges.
  • Drug crimes: The cases may deal with illegal possession and distribution of illicit and prescription drugs as well as transporting/selling controlled substances.
  • Domestic violence, battery and assault: Physical and emotional abuse can qualify as domestic violence, and we can defend you. We also defend clients charged with assault and battery.
  • White collar crimes: Embezzlement and corporate fraud are among the charges we handle on behalf of business professionals.
  • Drunk driving: Whether you are a teen, college student, professional or a senior citizen, you can get arrested on this charge. We are ready to represent you.
  • Gang-related crimes: We are thoroughly familiar with how to defend clients against all types of gang-related offenses, from vandalism to kidnapping.
  • Robbery and other theft offenses: Whether you are accused of burglary, robbery, shoplifting or another offense, we can defend you.

Turn To Our Respected Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you find yourself or a loved one charged with a serious crime, you need a solid and experienced lawyer. Herbert Weston & Tanya Weston, Criminal Lawyers, in Vista, California, has been a steady and respected law firm in the region for decades. We will help you to the best of our abilities. Contact us for a free consultation at 760-945-5535.

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