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Robbery & Theft Charges Bring Serious Penalties

Robbery is theft accomplished either by the use or threat of violence. Under California law, both robbery and theft can be punished with penalties that include heavy fines and/or prison time.

Being accused of a crime like this can be overwhelming: your freedom and your future are at risk. You need the help of the focused criminal defense attorneys at Herbert Weston & Tanya Weston, Criminal Lawyers, in Vista.

Our firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense, and we do it well. Attorneys Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston have been recognized by the legal community throughout California for their work and dedication to their clients.

We Know The System And Available Defenses

In California, robbery is a felony. Penalties vary based on whether it is in the first or second degree, but can include two to nine years in prison. If you or a loved one has been accused of this, you need skilled representation in the form of a lawyer who understands the system and how to craft a strategic defense.

Our team has demonstrated their ability again and again. You can rest assured that Herbert Weston & Tanya Weston, Criminal Lawyers, will put our skill work to pursue a favorable resolution to your situation.

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