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What are the consequences of tax evasion?

Owing back taxes is not a criminal offense, though unpaid taxes can result in significant fees and penalties. However, if you attempt to avoid payment or assessment of your taxes by using illegal means, you may face criminal penalties for tax evasion, which is a white-collar crime. If you are guilty of tax evasion in California, you face several consequences including but not limited to tax liens, damage to your credit and possibly jail time.

What are the consequences for a DUI in California?

Californian drivers may not know it, but the state is one of the harshest when it comes to dealing with incidents involving driving while under the influence (DUI). The penalties are steep and can impact drivers of all sorts, regardless of whether or not it's your first offense.

What happens after your fourth DUI?

If you have already had three DUIs, you may be wondering what the penalties are for another. In many states, DUI penalties increase each time an individual is charged with drinking and driving.

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