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Teen drivers and DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | DUI Charges

For any driver, regardless of their age, being pulled over for suspected drunk driving can be devastating. When a driver finds themselves in this situation, they may panic and wonder how their future will be affected by the ordeal. Moreover, many drivers are not aware of their rights, and some are even charged with DUI even though their rights were not respected, and the situation was not handled appropriately. For some people, such as teen drivers, these cases can be especially disruptive for countless reasons.

There are a lot of reasons why many young people in California find themselves in this difficult spot. From peer pressure to unfamiliarity with the effects of alcohol, young drivers may be charged with DUI even though these allegations do not reflect their typical behavior. Moreover, with zero tolerance laws, young drivers may be charged with driving under the influence even though their blood alcohol content level was very low.

When a teen is facing DUI charges, the outcome of the case could affect their life in a lot of ways. They may face problems in school due to the case, or their career options may be limited down the road. Drunk driving charges can be problematic when it comes to going to college as well.

Whether you were recently charged with driving drunk as a teenager or your child is in this position, it is extremely important to be aware of some of the legal options that might be on the table and handle the case appropriately. The way in which you approach a DUI case can make a world of difference, and with so much at stake there is no room for error.