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Authorities provide no rationale for California DUI charges

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | DUI Charges, Firm News

A 24-year-old man from Visalia, California, sustained major injuries requiring hospitalization in a collision between his pickup and another vehicle at a highway intersection in the community of Tulare on Sunday evening that resulted in the deaths of two occupants of the other car. Once doctors medically clear him, authorities intend to arrest him on charges related to DUI. However, no one involved in law enforcement has given any reason as to why authorities believe that the pickup driver may have been under the influence, so the rationale behind the impending DUI arrest remains unclear at this time.

Law enforcement officers reportedly analyzed the accident scene and collected evidence for several hours following the collision, which required roadblocks diverting traffic from the area during that timeframe. Based on that analysis, authorities claim that the pickup driver ran a stop sign at an intersection with Highway 137 while traveling north on Road 60. The resulting crash with the other vehicle reportedly killed the two women inside, a 67-year-old passenger and a 75-year-old driver. 

It is currently unknown if the pickup driver has a previous history of DUI convictions, but if so, he could face charges of second-degree homicide in connection with the crash. If the driver has knowledge of what awaits him upon his release from the hospital, which is unknown since there are no details available as to his current condition, he may have a reason not to wish for a speedy recovery. Drivers who face DUI charges may find it helpful to hire an attorney for purposes of legal counsel and representation.