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Proven defense representation in a California drug-crimes case

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Drug Crimes, Firm News

Some California law firms advertise themselves to the public as “full-service” entities that advocate for clients across virtually every conceivable legal area.

Candidly, very few – if any – firms can follow through on that claim. And for those that do, isn’t it reasonable to question whether their acumen isn’t unduly stretched by overreach?

We flatly state at Herbert Weston & Tanya Weston that we are not one of those firms. Indeed, and as we explicitly note on the website of our San Diego County law firm in Vista, “Criminal law is all we do.”

That core focus and applied advocacy for valued and diverse clients has been collectively on full display for many decades. Our practiced attorney team aggressively protects the rights and promotes the full legal interests of individuals from all across Southern California who need our help.

Today’s blog post underscores a key subset of the broad criminal defense realm, namely, drug-linked arrests and charges. California is arguably a comparatively lenient state concerning some drug-tied matters (recreational and medicinal marijuana might readily come to mind for some readers), but that hardly paints a complete picture of state policies and penalties concerning drugs.

In fact, the outcome of a given drug charge can be – and often is – flatly draconian for a defendant. California prisons are crowded to an extreme with inmates serving long sentences for a wide variety of drug offenses.

Proven defense attorneys do all they can to eliminate or maximally minimize the potentially adverse consequences of a drug charge.

And, frankly, there is often a lot that can be done, from exacting examination of police and prosecutorial conduct from the beginning of a case to strong representation at trial and beyond, if that is necessary.

Questions or concerns regarding a criminal drug charge can be addressed to a proven team of defense attorneys. Timely, aggressive and knowledgeable representation can make a material difference in a drug-crime matter.