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Common types of ID theft explained

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

Stats show over 14 million consumers experienced ID theft in 2019, and 33% of U.S. consumers have been victims overall. ID theft in Vista, California, involves a scammer scouring for ways to steal sensitive data from consumers, and there are several types.

Account take over fraud

Account takeover fraud is a theft crime that involves stealing control of someone’s account without permission. The offender gains access to credit card or bank account passwords to make fraudulent transaction or open new accounts.

Once they gain access, which commonly happens through phishing emails or hacking, they change the passwords. Synthetic ID theft is a rising variant, which involves the offender gathering sensitive data and creating a fake ID to access good credit.

Medical ID theft

The Identity Theft Research Center reported the health sector had experienced the second highest number of security breaches. Medical ID theft involves a scammer uses a person’s medical information to avoid paying for services or other medical goods.

The data is often obtained by skimming trash cans for discarded medical bills or a stolen wallet. If a scammer accesses these services, they could file false worker’s comp claims or use services the victim never ordered.

Biometric ID theft

The goal of using biometrics is based on the idea that everyone has unique behaviors, voices, and faces, but theft can still occur. Biometric ID theft is using someone’s fingerprints of mimicking their behavior, fingerprints, or voices to hack devices.

While biometrics keep the data inside an account safe, the storage on the server can get hacked. However, devising ways to hack into devices takes more effort, such as converting the images to device devices.

While ID theft is typically a non-violent white-collar crime, it has devastating consequences for victims. If a party is accused of ID theft, they may use several defenses to dismiss or lessen the charges.