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Will your DUI make college unaffordable?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | DUI Charges

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you probably have plenty of options to consume alcohol. If you drink too much before climbing behind the wheel, though, you may experience serious legal penalties and life consequences.

You may have heard a drug-related conviction typically triggers a suspension of government-backed loans, grants and work-study funds. Fortunately, a basic DUI conviction does not usually have the same effect. Nevertheless, you may lose other types of financial aid following a DUI arrest or conviction.

Academic groups

For many students, participating in an on-campus group is an integral part of student life. If you are a member of an academic club, you may even receive a stipend or scholarship to help you pay for college. Depending on the rules of the club, though, a DUI arrest or conviction may result in both your expulsion from the group and your loss of financial aid.

Athletic teams

If you have athletic prowess, a coach may have asked you to join your school’s team. Because they typically cannot receive pay, many student athletes rely on athletic scholarships to help them pay tuition, fees and other expenses. Like with academic groups, a DUI arrest or conviction may end your collegiate sports career. If you cannot play for the team, you are also not likely to continue to receive your athletic scholarship.

Everyone makes mistakes that have consequences. Ultimately, if you want to be certain you can continue to pay for your academic expenses, you may have to fight to remain in an on-campus group or on a university team after your DUI arrest or conviction.