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Understanding the complexity of white collar crime

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | White Collar Crimes

White-collar criminals in California experience unique risks that subtly result in exceptions that morph into criminal conduct. Such risks may include unlimited accessibility to company assets, personal expectations and the ever-growing desire to be more successful.

Often, such behaviors become increasingly serious without the perpetrator noticing just how out of hand things have gotten. Fortunately, people charged with a white-collar crime have the chance to rebuild their reputation with the right help and support from people who care about them.

The drive behind questionable conduct

According to Forbes, there are many reasons why a person may justify engaging in criminal conduct in a business setting. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Professional pressure: Organizational leaders with an ultimatum in connection with aggressive goals may take on an all-or-nothing attitude and do whatever it takes to achieve those goals. Mounting pressure with lackluster support from higher-ups can lead workers to make exceptions to maintain face.
  • No recognition: People who feel that their hard work is rarely noticed or unimportant could turn to dishonest behavior because they feel they are being unfairly compensated or appreciated. Incentives that are fair and realistic can help combat this problem.
  • Ethical ignorance: Companies that do not prioritize ethical policies and are slow to deal with unethical behavior may send the message that questionable behavior in the workplace is acceptable.

Recovering a damaged reputation suggests that people looking to recover their damaged reputation be careful about the way they behave in public. People can also benefit from being truthful with themselves and acknowledging their wrongdoing. Being consistent in terms of behavior and committing to being transparent going forward, people can effectively show others that they have changed and are working to fix their mistakes.