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Murder Cases

Herbert J. Weston and Tanya L. Weston have tried numerous murder cases during their remarkable careers and are regarded as one of the finest murder defense attorneys in Southern California. The Weston team has tried cases where many of the facts pointed to the client’s guilt in spite of that they have succeed in obtaining acquittals.

One of the keys to their extraordinary success in murder cases is an uncommon attention to detail. Mr. Weston and his staff conduct an intensive amount of research to discover facts and circumstances that introduce the possibility of doubt in the jury’s deliberation.

Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston are also highly adept at relating to jurists. Their straightforward case presentation and modest demeanor enable juries to “connect” with them and the value of that cannot be over rated. When a jury is determining the guilt or innocence of an individual in a murder case, you want an attorney who presents the facts in a way that speaks to the hearts and mind of each juror. Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston have that ability to relate to the jurors.
Another important factor working in the favor of Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston’s clients is their reputation. The D.A.’s office is well aware of the success the Weston team has had over the years with juries and often seeks to negotiate a lesser charge for his clients. Herbert and Tanya Weston will pursue the best course of action while protecting their client’s rights.

Herbert and Tanya Weston have had numerous not guilty verdicts, and work to get their clients the best deal that is possible. Herbert and Tanya Weston’s expertise is such that it has set legal precedence in some cases, breaking new legal ground that has been the subject of study in law classes across the country. Herbert Weston has received numerous awards and honors in his career, including being named Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year.

If you or a loved one has been charged with murder, call the law office of Herbert J. Weston and Tanya L. Weston for a free consultation.