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General Criminal Law

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In addition to specializing in homicide cases, drug cases, sex crimes, and DUI cases, Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston offer legal representation for individuals who have been charged with general criminal law cases.

These cases include assault, battery, domestic violence, under the influence, prostitution, embezzlement, petty theft, traffic tickets and 3 strike cases just to name a few.

The Weston’s bring a lot of experience to each of these types of cases and personally handle all the details involved. They are expert in determining the strength of a particular case and then taking the appropriate action that will enable the client to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded them under the law. Don’t give away your rights without knowing you have given them up. Before you speak to anyone call the Weston team for legal advice.

In some instances, a case may be negotiated with the D.A.’s office based on the circumstantial evidence and the reports on the case. The Weston team will not dispose of your case without first knowing the facts of the case and inform you, the client, of what the reports say. The Weston team will walk you through step by step through the legal process and advise you of your rights and help you decide how you want to proceed with your case.

When a case goes to trial by jury, be assured that the Weston team is one of the top teams to fight for your rights and give the jury your side of the story. The Weston Team is regarded for their consistent ability to present a case that the jurors of your peers can relate to, often enabling them to win acquittals for their clients.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with any crime, or any general criminal crime, contact Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston for a free consultation. Se Habla Español.