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Drug Cases

Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston have over 50 years of experience providing legal representation for individuals charged with a case involving drugs.

The Weston team has handled numerous drug cases including drugs for personal use, cultivating, drugs for sale, transportation, and prescription drugs. They are also experienced in handling federal cases regarding drug use, sales and transportation. This team will represent you through the legal system with expertise and knowledge of the law.

Often times in drug cases, the circumstances surrounding the case are mitigated by legal technicalities that can work in the favor of the defendant.

Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston are committed to protecting their client’s constitutional rights to privacy. In many cases, these rights are violated by the conduct of the arresting authorities. It’s the violation of these rights that the Weston team can focus on to get charges dismissed or reduced. These rights include illegal search issues, such as improper vehicle stops or improper search warrants.

If the Weston’s find that their clients rights have been violated or compromised, they will litigate to suppress the evidence. In many cases this litigation results in a dismissal of charges.

The Weston’s are experts at negotiating for a reduction of charges, which the D.A.’s office often assents to, due to their successful record of trying cases in front of juries. Their reputation is your advantage.

If you or a loved one has been charged or arrested for the possession, sale, and transporting of drugs, you should contact Herbert Weston and Tanya Weston right away for a free legal consultation.