Long considered one of the premier certified criminal law specialists in Southern California, Herbert Weston has literally redefined the scope of his profession. During his illustrious career, Mr. Weston has established legal precedence in several cases that are now part of classroom curriculum in law classes across the country. Mr. Weston has handled over 4000 cases in his career and over 500 jury trials.

SWORN TO DEFEND, PROTECT, AND SERVE THE COMMUNITY. Herbert Weston is a certified criminal law specialist known to fight for his clients rights. He is an attorney who will listen to his clients and defend their rights, speak for their ability to receive justice, and fight for the client’s ability to confront their accusers.

Herbert Weston is known as an attorney who gets the job done for his clients. He has defended clients for over 37 years. He has done cases which include kidnapping, rape, bank robbery, gang cases, child molestation, DUI’s, drug charges, federal cases, and many other types of criminal law. Herb is known by the District Attorney’s office to be an attorney whose tenacity to get the best deal for his clients is above all others. He does not quit, or plea his client until he knows that what he has done is best for his client. Herb is not afraid to go nose to nose with the District Attorney’s office in trial.

As a trial attorney, Herbert Weston is known for his ability to present a trial in an understanding, truthful manner with the capability of showing the jury, judge and district attorney both sides of a case. Herbert Weston has won numerous cases in his career. Some of his not guilty decisions have come in cases involving, DUI’s, Manslaughter cases, murder cases, bank robbery, kidnapping, gang related cases, child molestation, federal conspiracy, are amongst just a few.

One of the keys to his consistent success is his ability to research all of the details that pertain to a case and then focus on those aspects of the case that have a bearing on other pertinent points and ultimately, the outcome of the case itself.

In his quest to protect the public he has won numerous awards; Criminal Defense Attorney of the year, Martindale Hubbell Award, William Fletcher Award, and has had the honor to have been a past president of the North County Bar Association.

As exceptional as Herbert Weston is in presenting a case to the jury, he is equally adept in negotiating favorable terms for his clients with the D.A.’s office. Highly aware of his skills in presenting cases to juries, the D.A.’s office often seeks to negotiate a case to avoid going to court. This is a considerable advantage for clients who are facing the possibility of long-term sentences.

His years of practicing criminal law has given him a keen insight into what a case is and isn’t. Herbert Weston listens to his clients and makes sure they are comfortable with every choice they make.   He is a defense attorney who cares about the outcome of the client’s case.

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  • National Association of Distinguished Counsel Top one Percent in the Nation
  • Awarded Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year
  • Top Attorney in San Diego Award
  • Martindale Hubbell Award for Excellence
  • Set Precedence for law regarding parental rights with cult kidnapping cases People v. Brown
  • Inns of Court San Diego
  • Past President of North San Diego County Bar Association
  • Past President Criminal Defense Bar North San Diego County
  • Judge Pro Tem North San Diego County


  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist in California 1993
  • Sworn into United States District Court Southern District of California
  • Sworn into United States District Court Central District of California
  • Sworn into Superior Court of California
  • Sworn into United States District Court of Michigan
  • Thomas Jefferson Law School, Graduated J.D. 1978
  • Graduated From Western State University Law School
  • Graduated from Northern Michigan University Cum Laude
  • Graduated from St. Vincent Seminary


  • National Association of Distinguished Counsel Top One Percent in the Nation
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • American Inns of Court
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Inns of Court
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • San Diego County Bar Association
  • California Defenders Association
  • Past President North San Diego County Criminal Bar Association
  • Past President of North San Diego County Bar Association